A Journey of 1000 Miles

journeyA Journey of 1000 Miles
Hey folks, so here we are, more than a year later from the day we flew into Chile from Australia.. We eventually arrived in Canada, we have a roof over our heads, a toilet and Betsy is miserably parked outside in the cold Canadian winter (not actually that cold…).
Dr Farin
Dr Farin χάπια αδυνατίσματος
We will write a closing posts with our thoughts later on, because today we’re here to proudly announce the release of our last production that we shot in October/November in US. In the previous post you had a quick preview of what went behind the filming and a few shots of the way up. But here’s the final result, we’re pushing it out on youtube to try to get a couple of thousand views in the first week, so watch it an share it!
Shooting this bad boy has been challenging but also extremely rewarding. We shot on the road, sleeping in the van, having very few hours of sleep and constantly struggling with the mechanics of the engine. I even fell out of the vehicle while trying to get the “eye” shot that you can see around 1.30min in the movie… (I saved the camera, and my Italian ass soften the drop). See below.
Stay tuned for the last post with our final evaluation on this “incredible to say the least” experience.